Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Nobody

In the Spring of 2018, around the time of our first trip to Hawaii we started to talk about documenting our adventures to share with and hopefully inspire others. But, unexpected circumstances proved it not to be the right time. More on that later. Over the past 2 years we have continued to think about it but always found a reason not to, busy with work, buying a new house, as well as our continued travels.

Then as we headed out for our 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii in March of 2020 and the thought was rekindled. However the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning to take shape and on our 3rd day in Hawaii things really started to go crazy. Professional and college sports shut down, panic buying at the grocery stores started, and you know the rest. We spent the next 8 days feeling guilty about taking the trip in the first place while trying to do all the right things to stay safe and healthy in what was to be our dream vacation. It was quite the stressful adventure that we will share soon.

For the last 10 months we have stayed home more than ever before. We have found plenty to do around the house, cooking 3 times per day, working on home improvement projects and craft projects, among other things. We’ve also decided to finally document our adventures and how we save money using points, miles, deals, and discounts.

Below you will see what this introduction looked like before the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully it gives you a little preview into what is to come soon, once things start to return to normal. But for now we will focus on sharing some of our money saving tips and tricks until we can safely resume and share our adventures.


Over the past 5 years we have spent millions of points and miles traveling all over the United States. When we have actually paid for travel, dining, and entertainment we almost always save a significant amount or at minimum rack up points for future use.

We enjoy talking to others about our trips, especially how we do it very inexpensively. Several people suggested that we write about our adventures so we decided to start documenting how we travel for very little, and enjoy entertainment, dining out, and shopping while rarely paying full price.

Why Mr. & Mrs. Nobody? Because anyone can do what we can do at some level, it doesn’t require you to be special.. Granted, there are some perks from having a job where you travel but that is only a small part of it. Rewards points are important but there are multiple ways to earn them and many other ways to save money while having a great time.

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We will share how we use points, miles, deals, and discounts ourselves. Hopefully this will inspire you to find your own opportunities. Along the way we will share much of what we have learned as well as other topics that interest us and hopefully will interest you.

We hope you enjoy the blog, following our adventures, and hope that you are able put into practice some of the ideas that help us enjoy life for less.