National Car Rental – Executive Elite Status through 2/28/2023

One of our favorite deals sites, Dan’s Deals, has posted an updated offer for free National Executive Elite status that will run through 2/28/2023. Officially this is an American Express promotion but appears that you can sign up with another credit card.

Mr. Nobody already had Executive status, clicked through the link and it instantly gave me Executive Elite. It did however replace my corporate account with and AmEx account, but I went back and updated back to my corporate account and it maintained the Executive Elite Status through 2/28/2023.

National has been our preferred choice for car rentals for several years. Partially due to our corporate account but also because we consistently get great service, free rental days after 5 rentals, and the ability to choose our own car (free upgrades!) from the Executive area while only paying the midsize rate.

Direct link to sign-up:

Dan’s Deals post on the promotion:

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